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Don't understand why your website isn't bringing in more customers? Get...

The No Bulls%&t Guide to Web Marketing for Small Business Owners

All you need to know in less than 100 pages. No techie mumbo-jumbo.

This book explains how you can quickly boost your revenues with fundamental digital advertising and marketing tactics. No expertise needed. 

You’ll Learn:

Why web marketing defies logic and robs your wallet - What you think will work probably won't.

Why you shouldn't fall for costly false promises and phony pitches from web hosting companies and local marketing "pros."

How you can spend less money and time but get more traffic, convert more new customers, and sustain it all over the life of your business.

What you should focus (and spend money) on and what you shouldn't in order to get ahead of your competition.

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1999 guide to small business marketing

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No BS Guide to Small Business Web Marketing

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Why does this book matter?

"I had no idea how much business I was missing out on. Just having a website doesn't mean everyone can find you. In fact, with most small business sites, it usually means you're invisble. Focusing on my core business, It's hard to even know what I need, much less what I'm doing wrong. I'n not a software engineer. Plus, most web and marketing companies just want to sell you a site and bolt. The result is that you spend years scratching your head and wondering what you're doing wrong.”

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Stephen Weavil, Small Business Owner

Superior Home and Property

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Superior Home and Property

Learn what you need to know for your business:

Ever wonder why you spend lots of money and time for your small business website, digital ads, mobile apps, and more but you still don't get as many customers from the web as your competition?  

Don't worry, you're not alone. The vast majority of small business owners are doing digital marketing all wrong - and it's hurting your bottom lines. It's not your fault, though.  

The entire marketing industry is set up kinda like a drug dealer. They get you hooked on good-looking sites and features they say are important, then upsell you from time to time on new stuff. All the while, you get addicted to bad habits that actually harm your ability to compete, stunt your growth, give you a false sense of the health of your business, and lower your long-term earnings.  

My latest book is a practical guide that helps you break the cycle and get the most out of simple, fundamental web marketing techniques that will yield a high return on investment. It's less than 100 pages, an easy read and - I promise - NO technical mumbo-jumbo (that wouldn't help you to know anyway). Let me explain in clear, easy-to-understand language how you can get more customers and overtake your local competition.  

Plus, learn:  

  • How to pick the right web designer
  • How to best host your site
  • What to put on your website, what to leave out
  • What to do yourself for free and what to outsource
  • How to leverage Google to grow your business
  • Which types of ads work and which ones are wastes of money
  • How to engage website visitors and turn them into customers
  • How to effectively use social media without wasting your time
  • How to measure your performance and thus your success
  • Why collecting emails addresses and automating customer outreach matters
  • How to send good customer emails that grow your business
  • How long it takes to get good at web marketing
  • Lots more...
jason polancich vandalssmile

Jason Polancich

About the Author

As an intelligence analyst, software engineer, marketing expert, cybersecurity specialist, and successful small business owner, Jason has built and sold valuable businesses that run on his simple web marketing strategies. He can show you how to do it for your business too.

"Despite a 20+ year career in software and digital marketing, it still amazes me how many small businesses are wasting money, time and opportunity thinking they're doing effective digital marketing by simply having a web site."

"The truth is, unless you already are a software or marketing expert in the first place, the chance you can effectively leverage web marketing on your own is remote for most owners trying hard to deliver their products or services themselves."

"What's worse? Sadly, the marketing vendors and web providers who 99% of small companies turn to for help want it to stay that way."

"Being a small businessman myself, that's why I wrote this book: to give owners all the core info they need to do practical, fundamental web marketing well so their businesses grow without a ton of time or money. No techie crap, no time-consuming processes, just a blueprint for how to get your businesses more customers."

- Jason Polancich, Author


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